Everything is shutdown for the winter, too cold to go outside.  The main trick with pigeons is to keep the cold wind off them, the birds generate enough heat even at very cold temperatures to stay quite warm.  You can see my aviary on one side of the fancy coop just has a sheet of heavy plastic on part of it, the air comes in thru the screen door, and up out the roof, it’s more important for the birds to have dust free/fresh air.

Yes I just put a sheet of plastic across most of the front of the coop, there is a huge vent across the bottom right wall, so lots of fresh air coming in there now.  I have 15 youngsters already, I am going to place those in a one loft race in a few months, they will be safer in that loft I think.   The forest is a great place for predators, like Hawks, and once I start letting my birds out in the late spring, the Hawks visit almost daily.

I am going to renovate this coop this year, this one is now about 8 years old so it’s time..