Barred Owl Calls – hosted at Cornell University. – Play some of these calls thru some speakers in your backyard at night  (for a few minutes) – you will get your local barred owl coming by to investigate.

We have several Barred Owls in the area, as we have a treed area all around our neighbourhood here in Rideau forest.  Its a swampy bush mostly with some mature trees, and lots of dead ash trees – but its still nice with ash, poplar, birch, maple, beech, willows and cedars in abundance. There are some pine, spruce and other confirs too, but I think most of the pine was cut down long ago.

To attract barred owl’s you must have their proper habitat which is a mature forest or a swampy bush/forest like mine and along with that of course lots of mice, voles, moles, rats, moles and so on.   Once they think other owls are in the area, and there is food, they will visit regularly… often hooting that distinctive, “Who cooks for you?” call.

Here is an old picture I took, they are easier to hear than see, and they are easier to see than photograph!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – Photo using telephoto lens – The owl is about 250 feet away.




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