Barred Owls – “Who cooks for you?”

Barred Owl Calls – hosted at Cornell University. – Play some of these calls thru some speakers in your backyard at night  (for a few minutes) – you will get your local barred owl coming by to investigate. We have several Barred Owls in the area, as we have a treed area all around our […]


  Adopted by a Feral Cat(s)  Thats mom.    and her kitten this year ( she had 2. ) The first, a larger male, has already grown up, I think this one is female: Both cats really help keep the mouse numbers down. They are amazing! Prior to Meenoo showing up in my backyard I […]

-17C January 19, 2016

Everything is shutdown for the winter, too cold to go outside.  The main trick with pigeons is to keep the cold wind off them, the birds generate enough heat even at very cold temperatures to stay quite warm.  You can see my aviary on one side of the fancy coop just has a sheet of […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my backyard hobbies site.   I will try to blog here about gardening, birdwatching, pigeons (I keep racing pigeons and some fancy pigeons) and all the challenges of nature that I have to cope with. I live in the historic township of  Manotick Ontario, we are a municipality in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa (click to see […]